June 13 Update

by María Teresa

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Hola Amigos,

It looks that the road is finally going to dry out.
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With the new open space the BP gave to the visitors, it looks more comfortable, especially now that there are more families coming to the Park.  The regular ones are getting used to the restrictions.  The new ones arrive with the idea that they are going to have the opportunity to embrace their loved ones and it is frustrating for them to see that it is not possible.
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Edgar, who has come from San Francisco 4 times is happy with the possibility of just talking to his brother and his family. Luis and his girlfriend who came for the first time from Riverside area were very sad they could not get closer to Luis’s brother. They are planning to bring Luis’s parents next time.  Juan from Escondido came 2 weekends ago to see his wife. They both were so happy to see each other  again. Luciano has become a regular visitor. I was talking with his parents about the walk to the Park. The relatives in Playas do not know how hard is for their families to get to Friendship Park. John and Guillermo celebrated the service and it is always very nice to say hello to our Sunday friends through the fence. And members of the families continue to express their feelings on the rocks in the wish garden.
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